Haki Africa


Vision: A Kenyan society devoid of poverty and all forms of marginalization and where each person has an equal opportunity to participate in self devpt.

HAKI Africa is a local initiative that brings together community activists and leaders who work at the grassroots to ensure improved livelihoods for their people and the advancement of socio economic issues all over the country. Particularly, the organization seeks to agitate for the recognition and empowerment of local communities in Kenya to fully participate in development initiatives with a view to improving the standards of living amongst all including the poor and marginalized. While the word “Haki” is Swahili for “justice” or “human right”, we have given meaning to the four letters which to us stand for Humanity; Activism; Knowledge; and Integrity. The organization further incorporates the School of Human Rights and Governance Studies which is its learning and research arm. HAKI Africa is legally hosted by Haki Centre though it has already initiated the process of being registered as an NGO.

Specifically, HAKI Africa promotes and protects the progressive realization of the right to development with an emphasis on socio economic rights guaranteed under Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya. Article 43 provides for the economic and social rights which comprise of the right to the highest attainable standard of health which includes the right to healthcare services including reproductive health care; accessible and adequate housing and to reasonable standards of sanitation; freedom from hunger and to have adequate food of acceptable quality; clean and safe water in adequate quantities; social security and education.

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